Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Skincare is my favourite thing! If I had to pick between giving up skincare or giving up makeup, I would happily give up makeup. About a month ago, I did my first ever Cult Beauty order, and picked up a couple products that have been highly raved about, but are virtually impossible to get here in Canada. Today is all about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which I have read/seen countless reviews about, and was super excited to get my hands on.

The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is described as an ‘illuminating vitamin facial cleanser, with vitamins A, C & E, omega 6, pumpkin enzymes, chamomile & rose’. First, right off the bat, this isn’t a traditional gel cleanser, at all. It’s like an oil based cleanser, that has a gel consistency. It’s similar to the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser or the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. The difference is that I find I don’t need a second cleanse after using the Oskia Cleansing Gel, where as I find I definitely need it for both the Clarins and the Ole Henriksen ones.

It’s a super rich cleanser, which leaves my skin feeling clean, hydrated and glowing.There is a slight rose hip scent, but I don’t find it overwhelming or

In the evening, I use it as my first cleanse to remove all my makeup, which is does super well, including my stubborn mascara. It does sting my eyes slightly, but I don’t find it too irritating. I initially was only using it in the evening, because I was worried that it would be too oily for the morning, but that’s not an issue at all. It actually feels like a treat using it in the morning, it wakes me up and gives me great skin to start the day.

It’s definitely on the pricer side of cleansers, but I picked it up during a recent 20% off event at Cult Beauty, so the price is very comparable to both the Clarins and Ole Henriksen Cleansers.

If you’re looking for a splurge, I recommend this, especially if you have angry, dehydrated skin like me.

Have you tried anything from Oskia?

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nspa Replenishing Moisture Mask

npsa replenishing moisture mask


It’s time for another edition of my favourite masks series, this month it’s the nspa Replenishing Moisture Mask. If you’re a regular reader of Meg’s Makeup Bag, you’ve read multiple posts about how much I love moisture masks. I often use them in a place of a moisturizer in the evening, and find that they’re one of the best ways to keep my dehydrated skin. The only issue is that to date there aren’t very many moisture masks at the drugstore price point. Enter nspa, which recently launched in Canada at Walmart. They have a number of products that are very similar to high end products.

The nspa Replenish Moisture Mask is a moisture mask that can be either applied and rinsed off, or left on over night (which is what I aways do). It has a consistency similar to a thick face lotion, and applies beautifully, and absorbs quickly into the skin. It has a scent of Neroli oil, but it’s not overwhelming.

I really enjoy using it during the warmer months, because it’s not quite as heavy as some of the other moisture masks I have. It reminds me of a lighter version of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. It sells in Canada for $15.99, which is inexpensive in comparison to the majority of moisture masks on the market.

If you’re looking to try a moisture mask, the nspa Replenishing Moisture Mask is a great option.

Have you tried the nspa Moisture Mask? What’s your favourite moisture mask?

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