IMATS Toronto 2014 Haul

IMATS Toronto 2014 Haul 1



After many years of reading about all that is IMATS Toronto, I decided it was time to check it out in person. Before going I read a ton of reviews about what to expect and how best to prepare. I planned out what booths I wanted to visit/shop at, and set a budget for the trip.

I’m a relatively early bird, so I decided to be there around 8am, so that I could be in line when the doors opened at 8:30. I got there just before 8 and there was already a line to check in and get your wrist stamp, as well as a line to actually get in the door. The line was well managed, and moved quickly once the doors opened.

When the doors did opened, the majority of the people in line either made a beeline for MAC or Make Up Forever (both had some serious discounts), which worked in my favour, because it meant that the booths I hit up first weren’t as packed. I had read about how crazy both of these booths could be, and decided to pass on them this time around, and head for the products that are not as easily available to me.

While I was there I managed to see and shop with a bunch of other beauty bloggers, plus pick up everything I had planned on buying. I also picked up a few things I hadn’t planned on (mainly thanks to the enabling of the lovely Jen from Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty Blog).

Most booths accepted both cash and credit card, however if most credit card transactions were being charged in American dollars. I brought cash with me, and used that as my budget. I managed to stick with cash, with the exception of the Hakuhodo booth, where I couldn’t resist and paid by credit card.

IMATS Toronto 2014 Haul

Velour Lashes in Complete Me – I’ve actually become somewhat of a false lashes girl. I still haven’t found a mascara that doesn’t smudge on me, so for events, I’ll use false lashes, so that I don’t need to wear mascara. I’ve heard so much about the lovely ladies over at Velour lashes, I had to pick up a pair. The ‘Complete Me’ design is their most popular, and these lashes can be worn up to 20x, so I’m excited to try these out.

London Brush Company Goat Milk Brush Shampoo – This brush shampoo smells like lavender, and is suppose to be super gentle on your brushes. We shall see. Really, I was sold on the scent.

Yaby Pearl Paint Shadows in pp012 Frosted Rose, pp013 in Pink Diamond, pp040 in Cappuccino & pp048 in Chai Smoothie – This is a Jen enabled purchase for sure! I would have never stopped by Yaby, had I not run into her there. As soon as I swatched the shadows, I was sold. These are super pigmented and buttery! Plus they’re tiny, which I love.

Face Atelier: Ultra Blush in 2 Peach Glaze, Foundation in 02 Ivory and Ultra Sheer in 02 – Face Atelier was another new brand for me, I have previously heard about them, but never got a chance to play with the products in person. Seeing (or in this case swatching) is believing. One swatch of the foundation, and I knew it would be heading home with me. Plus they had a show deal, where you could get a blush and foundation for $45, so I obviously had to do it :P The Ultra Sheer is a pearl highlighting base which can be mixed with the foundation to add some glow.

Morphe Brushes in G1, G6, G8, G14, G15 & G17 – I have read/seen a lot of reviews on these Morphe brushes, and was super excited that they were going to be at IMATS. The pricing on the brushes was quite good, especially compared to Sigma. These 6 brushes were only $45, and they feel super soft. This was the first booth I went to, and I’m glad I did because it got very busy, very quickly.

Hakuhodo Brushes in J5522, J5523 &J528 – These gorgeous brushes are by far my favourite purchase. They are just so soft, and pretty. They’re definitely investments, but I found that the eyeshadow brushes were very comparable to MAC. I picked up 2 eyeshadow brushes, a crease brush and a brush similar to the MAC 217. Plus, I picked up this mini flat top kabuki brush, it was too soft and adorable not to. Have yet to use any of these brushes, because I do not want to get them dirty :P

Overall, I had a great time at IMATS Toronto! Will definitely try and go back again next year.

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