Currently Loving – Facial Oils

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would introduce my new “Current Loving” series today. I tend to be the type of person that once I find something that I like, and that works, I become slightly obsessed. As it my loves tend to be about Make Up/Skincare, I thought I would share them with all of you.

Today, is all about Facial Oils, specifically those from Kiehl’s and Clarins. Since trying my first oil almost a year ago, I have become obsessed with finding the perfect oils for my skin. I’ve tried the Joise Maran Argon Oil, Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, Nude’s Pro Genuis Oil and probably at least half a dozen others (my friends and family have been enjoying all the facial oil hand-me-downs they’ve been getting).

I’ve finally settled (at least for the moment) on the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Clarin’s Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, as my go-to facial oils. These two products together have totally changed my skin how my skin looks and feels.


The Kiehl Midnight Recovery Concentrate was the very first oil I purchased; when the sales person first suggested using an oil, on what at that time was very oily skin, I thought they were crazy. I ended up buying it, in part to prove the sales person wrong, but it turns out I was the one that was wrong. Kiehl’s describes it as a “lightweight, readily-absorbed elixir effectively restores skin’s healthy appearance overnight.” It’s a very lightweight oil, that contains Evening Primrose Oil and Lavender Oil and and just seems to brighten up your skin overnight (plus it smells like lavender, which is so relaxing in the evening). Whatever science it’s working while you sleep, you can actually see results come morning.

I got Clarin’s Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil because it’s designed for dehydrated skin, which my skin has always been (even when it was much more oily). According to Clarin’s this oil will “tone, revitalize and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin.” It’s a much thicker oil than Kiehl’s, and contains Patchouli, Rosewood and Blue Orchid extracts; and you can definitely smell the Patchouli in the oil. Despite it’s thickness, it absorbs quickly and really adds much needed moisture to my dehydrated skin, however it doesn’t give my skin the same glowing effect as the Kieh’s one does.

One night, I decided to combined a couple of drops of each oil and see how they worked together. This was my ah-ha moment, together they are just the perfect pair for my skin. The Kiehl’s gives me the glowing skin and soothing lavender smell, and the Blue Orchid Oil helps to rehydrate my skin. Since I’ve started to use these two together, I’ve received a ton of compliments from people about how great my skin looks and I won’t go a night without applying both of them.

I’ve found the best way to apply these oils is to damp skin, they seem absorb better that way and it allows the oils to spread easily across the face. I’ve been using the Avene Thermal Spring Water to dampen my skin before applying them, as by the time I apply my oils, I’ve already applied my toner and serum, so I need to add some dampness back. You can obviously just splash your face with water, I just happened to have a can of the Avene water in my cupboard and it’s been working great.

Bottom line, the combination of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Clarins Blue Orchd Face Treatment Oils have been doing amazing things for my skin, and if you’re looking for an extra boost of moisture or glowiness you should definitely give these oils a try. Or try mixing a couple oils together and see how it works.

Sorry for the long post (I told you I was obsessed!), but I really wanted to share these two oils with you and how great they’ve been working on my skin.



Tarte Be MATTEnificent Amazonian Colored Clay Matte Eye & Check Palette


Palette Packaging

Hey Everyone!

I love a good make up palette; it’s a great way to try out a new brand, you get a bunch of different shades in one place, they’re great for travel… I could go on and on. So when I saw this Tarte Be Mattenificent Amazonian Coloured Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette during an after Christmas Sephora trip, I knew I had to have it.

This palette was launched early in the New Year, but I haven’t really read or seen anything about it, which is surprising because it’s based on Tarte’s very popular Amazonian Clay Blushes (If you haven’t ever tried Tarte’s blushes you should, they’re awesome). I


According to Tarte, the palette “An alluring, Amazonian colored clay palette featuring wearable, matte shades for the eyes and cheeks.” It contains 8 eyeshadows (2 meant to be used liners), a blush and a dual ended brush all packaged in this gorgeous case, which is so pretty I’ve been keeping it on my counter as decoration.


Palette with colour guide overlay

This palette is definitely matte colours only, there is no shimmer or glitter in sight; which I love because it’s hard to wear a lot of glitter in my office on a daily basis. The blush “Elevated” feels just like the other Amazonian Clay blushes I own, though this colour is only available in this palette. The eye shadows are buttery soft, pigmented and have great staying power.


Palette Shades Swatched (natural light)

The colours are definitely in the pinky nude range with the exception of “two plums up”, which is a purpley plum that looks great in the outer crease/corner of the eye. This is probably the first palette in quite a while that I actually have gotten use out of all the colours, even the liner shades.

The palette costs $43 CDN at Sephora, which I think it’s a great price for what you get in this palette, considering the blush in this palette is .15oz  and a full size Amazonian Clay blush is .2 oz and retails for $31 CDN.

If you’re considering this palette, I say go for it, it’s a great selection of nude, matte colours.