Guest Post: Beauty New Years Resolutions


Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to be guest posting today. My name is Rebekah and I blog over at Lipstick & Lullabies. The CBB guest post theme for this month is Beauty New Years Resolutions. When I first read it, I thought it would be a super easy post to write… the more I thought about it though, the harder it got! I did manage to think of 10 beauty goals for 2015. Let’s take a look!

1. Remove makeup nightly

This is a given. Typically I’m pretty good at doing it, but lately there have been some long days and I just crawl in to bed, makeup and all.

2. Drink more water

Also a given. Drinking more water means less pop, which means clearer skin and a lower BMI.


3. Master my palettes

I have accumulated a lot of makeup over the past 2 years. And with each of my palette’s I typically have 1, maybe 2, go to looks. I want to expand that… use all the shades!

4. Sunscreen

I never remember sunscreen, and I always end up with at least 1 burn each summer. This year I will try harder to put it on!


5. Wash those brushes

Another thing I’m typically quite good at, but lately I’ve been slipping – I need to find time every weekend to wash them, and I need to pick up a spray brush cleaner to use daily!

6. Anti-aging products

My fine lines aren’t really noticeable to others, but they are to me and I want to delay them getting any worse. My laugh lines bother me the most, especially if my makeup settles in them.


7. More lipstick

I always reach for gloss, but I love how finished I feel with lipstick on. I’m also determined to break my bad habit of swatching and forgetting, or just not wearing it out because I don’t feel confident enough.


My skin gets so ridiculously dry in the winter, so if I don’t moisturize my skin gets itchy, and then I scratch during the night and damage my skin.


9. Reach for cruelty free

I know I’ll never have only cruelty free products, but I want to make an effort to buy it whenever it’s an option so I will be keeping an eye out for this bunny.

10. Accept my flaws

My eyes aren’t even (one is more hooded than the other) I have Melasma (pregnancy mask) and my eyebrows grow funny…. But that’s okay.

If I manage to even stick to half of those I will be quite happy ♥ Do you have any beauty resolutions for this year?

Rebekah Clarke

Lipstick and Lullabies

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 “Beauty should begin with the heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless”

–          Coco Chanel

New at the Drugstore

New at the Drugstore


With the start of a New Year comes a slew of new releases at the drugstore. I did a little hauling of the products that appealed the most to me (mostly base) and thought I would share it with you what’s new at the drugstore.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray Set – As with many popular products, drugstore brands are getting in on makeup setting sprays. I use a makeup setting spray every time I wear makeup, so I picked this up to see how it compared to my favourite Urban Decay setting spray. I have high hopes because Urban Decay is owned by L’Oreal.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation – I can’t resist trying a new foundation, especially one that claims 25 hour wear. Now while I doubt that it actually has 25 hour wear, I’ve read a ton of good reviews from the UK, so I wanted to try it out.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer – This new primer by Maybelline claims to blur and illuminate. I need illumination and imperfection blurring, so in to the basket it went.

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper – This looks like a drugstore dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow, the brush is identical in shape. So I’m going to put it to the test and will report back.

CoLab Dry Shampoo – While I didn’t technically buy this at the drugstore, I couldn’t resist including it because I was so excited to find in here in Canada. This is a new dry shampoo by Ruth from A Model Recommends, which tons of UK Beauty Bloggers have been raving about. I found a three pack of mini dry shampoos from her line at Winners, so if you’re interesting in trying it, I would suggest Winners is the place to start.

So there you have it! New